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Dry Mouth Institute has a simple mission: to guide and help patients all across the world with symptoms of dry mouth (xerostomia). This mission derives from years of research and clinical work treating patients for xerostomia. It is evident that patients with dry mouth (and complications to this disease) are heavily burdened by the symptoms, and the xerostomia greatly affects both the personal and professional life. In the vast majority of cases we can help.

Dry Mouth Institute is an organization with both medical doctors, dentists, and patient-consultants. We are dedicated to the newest developments and strive to stay ahead in all new therapy for dry mouth. The team consists of dedicated personal with the vision to expand knowledge on dry mouth treatment.

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Dr. Christian Grønhøj, M.D, Ph.D.

Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Dry Mouth Institute.

Medical Doctor from Copenhagen University, and PhD in head and neck surgery & stem cells from University Hospital Rigshospitalet. Specialist registrar at Head and neck surgery (Rigshospitalet) and has performed extensive research on Dry Mouth guidance, treatment and rehabilitation

• Christian is the author of +70 peer-reviewed scientific papers in high standing international medical journals
• Has more than 20 scientific presentations at national and international peer-reviewed conferences
• Has co-led and gained extensive knowledge and experience in study-trial operations and design

• +600 hours of teaching Doctors and Medical Students in e.g. Xerostomia and stem cells
• Implementation and completion of first-in-man human clinical trial on stem cells and xerostomia.

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Christian Pedersen

Founder and Patient Care Director of Dry Mouth Institute.

Christian Pedersen has broad experience in patient guidance, customer service and process management.

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