The Personal Treatment plan € 195 ($ 217):

This package includes a list of carefully selected remedy products based on your specific medical history and dry mouth condition along with a detailed set of instructional guidelines. 

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The Extended Treatment plan € 495 ($ 550):

In addition to The Personal Treatment Plan, this package also includes a mid-way and an end-way online consultation with one of our physicians to evaluate the impact of your personalised treatment along with needed future adjustments to plan and recommendations for future therapy. 48-hour guaranteed e-mail support is also included.

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What happens after purchase?
Once you’ve purchased a service, you will receive an e-mail with a link to an online questionnaire. We ask you to fill out this questionnaire carefully in order to provide the necessary data for our physicians to development the right plan for you. Within 1-2 days you will receive your personal treatment plan for dry mouth.

NB! Please be informed that the medicine and products in the plan is not included in the price. We will list you the required products for you to acquire and guide to where you can most easily purchase them. If you are not successful in acquiring the needed products, we will suggest alternatives.

Your customised treatment plan for the relieve of dry mouth

Based on your symptoms, causes of dry mouth and needs we will tailor a personal dry mouth treatment services plan for you involving three steps.

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Important information

Typically, your plan will consist of a combination of medicine, therapy, remedies and possibly substitutes. Each product/therapy has unique properties and characteristics. So do your saliva, dental status and oral environment. Therefore, we must evaluate the symptoms and causes of your particular dry mouth condition to keep our dry mouth treatment services uniquely tailored to you for maximum effect.

For years, we have worked with patients suffering from dry mouth symptoms, and we have performed extensive research on the diagnosis and treatment of dry mouth (xerostomia). Each cause and conflicting disease(s), and medication leads to different treatment strategies and therapeutics. This is why we personalise each dry mouth plan.

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